Supreme/Nike Air Force 1 High

WE HAVE CANCELLED THIS RELEASE. We are having problems with our setup, we will however be doing supreme releases in the future.

This is a special add to cart service for In order to use this service you will need to give us the payment information you would like to use when ordering the sneakers. We will complete the checkout process for you and use the card and billing information you provide. Once the add to cart service is completed weather we secure your shoes or not your card and billing information will be removed and deleted.


  • Read this this full section!
  • Verify all your information is correct. You can not change it!
  • Make sure to account for tax/shipping when providing your payment info, insufficient funds will cause your order to fail.
  • We will handle the entire process including checkout.
  • We will be using the credit card and information you provided in the boxes to the right to place your order on the Supreme website.
  • Supreme requires billing and shipping to be the same for your order.
  • When we place your order on supreme you will receive a confirmation email from Supreme in addition to the success email you get from us.
  • Due to the limited quantities of Supreme products, they only allow you to order 1 shoe out of a collection. So if there are 3-4 colors you can only buy 1 color.
  • You want all all colors you need to provide 3 different payment infos.
  • If using gift cards, make sure to register your billing zip code to the card for online purchases. Your card will get declined if you don’t.


  • Do not use the same account information that you provide to us if you plan to try manually, your order will fail and you would be wasting our time.
  • Do not use the same name, billing/shipping, payment for multiple orders of the same item. Use gift cards, friends/families cards and ship to their house.

Service Information

  • Purchasing our service does not guarantee shoes will be added to your cart. There is no charge if we are unsuccessful or your order is cancelled. Technical errors, site changes, and order priority all play roles in determining if you will get a pair. Please understand we want get paid for our services.
  • Shoes are purchased in the order we receive payment.
  • Orders are limited — If a size is sold out it will be non-selectable. If a customer cancels their order that size will be available for purchase again.
  • Have a question? — Open a support ticket via the contact us link above.
  • When placing an order you are agreeing to our terms of service.
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CANCELLED Service Fee: $45.00
We only charge you when we secure the shoe.
Only a temporary hold is placed on the funds.