This is our Supreme RSVP service. This service includes a full checkout with your order. We will complete the entire checkout process from adding to cart to ordering the product for you. No action is needed by the customer. In order to use this service you will need to give us the payment information you would like us to use when ordering your product. When completing the checkout we will use the card and billing you provide below to checkout for you. Once the service is completed your card and billing information will be removed and deleted. Your service fee will be automatically refunded if we fail to secure your order.


  • Read this this full section!
  • NEW: If you place an order for a size small and it sells out before your order is placed we will try to order you a medium.
  • Verify all your information is correct. You can not change it!
  • Make sure to account for tax/shipping when providing your payment info, insufficient funds will cause your order to fail.
  • We will handle the entire process including checkout.
  • We will be using the credit card and billing address information you provided in the boxes to the right to place your order on the Supreme website. The box that pops up after you enter your details and click the blue buy it now button is to pay our service fee.
  • Supreme requires billing and shipping to be the same for your order.
  • When we place your order on supreme you will receive a confirmation email from Supreme in addition to the success email you get from us.
  • Due to the limited quantities of Supreme products, they only allow you to order 1 product color out of a collection.
  • If you want more than 1 color you need to provide a different payment method and its billing address. This goes for each additional color/order you place.
  • If using gift cards, make sure to register your billing zip code to the card for online purchases. Your card will get declined if you don’t.
  • It is possible for us to place an order for the wrong/incorrect item. If this does happen you will be refunded the service fee. It is your responsibility to cancel the supreme order and if you can’t you will be responsible for returning the order to supreme. Shipping fees are paid by you for the return and are not refundable by us or supreme. Supreme only issues STORE CREDIT for returns. You agree to accept this risk when placing an order with us.


  • Do not use the same account information that you provide to us if you plan to try manually, your order will fail and you would be wasting our time.
  • Do not use the same name, billing/shipping, payment for multiple orders of the same item. Use gift cards, friends/families cards and ship to their house.

Service Information

  • Purchasing our service does not guarantee checkout. There is no charge if we are unsuccessful or your order is cancelled. Technical errors, site changes, and order priority all play roles in determining if we checkout. Please understand we want get paid for our services.
  • Orders are limited — If a product is sold out it will be non-selectable. If a customer cancels their order that size will be available for purchase again.
  • Have a question? — Open a support ticket via the contact us link above.
  • When placing an order you are agreeing to our terms of service.
Triple Check Your Information!!!
If something is wrong with your order it will AUTO-FAIL! You CAN NOT order more than 1 color of an item unless you have different billing for each additional item!

Estimated Retail Price: $88

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Credit Card CVV:(Security code on back)Billing Address:Billing City:Billing State:

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[CLOSED] Service Fee: $25.00
We only charge you when we secure the product.
Only a temporary hold is placed on the funds.