LAUNCH: Saturday, April 11, 2015 – 10:00 AM EDT
Gym Red/Gym Red-Black
Sizes: 3.5Y-7Y
Note: You can not edit this order after it has been placed.
Service Fee: $20.00 (Full refund if we fail)


  • Read this this full section!
  • Verify all your information. Your order will NOT be processed if we are unable to login.
  • Make sure you have your login information handy on the day of release.
  • Use one account per order. We will not add multiple releases to the same cart.
  • Purchasing our ADD TO CART service does not guarantee you a pair of sneakers in your cart. No charge if we are unsuccessful.
  • We will send out email and text notifications immediately stating the success of the add to cart service. We recommend you follow us on Twitter for when to login as emails/texts can often get delayed which can cause you to miss your checkout opportunity.
  • Emails and Text messages can be delayed due to network traffic. To increase your chances of checkout, manually login 3 minutes after release and check.
  • If you login and do not see the item in your cart, logout and back in again. Refreshing the browser will not update the cart.
  • If we are successful, it is your responsibility to log into your account and complete checkout. You have a limited amount of time for completion.
  • Have patience and be persistent! For big releases the site will crash.
  • Be prepared! You can read our Checkout Tips to be better prepared for problems that may happen when you checkout!.


  • Do not use the an account that has has had a lot of recently shipped releases, has already been flagged or has had an order cancelled. Create a new account for our usage.
  • Do not use the same account information that you provide to us if you plan to try manually, your order will fail and you would be wasting our time.
  • Do not use the same name, card/PayPal, billing/shipping address for multiple orders. This is grounds for an order being cancelled.

Service Information

  • This is our ADD TO CART service. We will add this shoe to your account/cart on at the time of release. Once we add the shoe to your cart you can login and checkout.
  • Purchasing our service does not guarantee shoes will be added to your cart. There is no charge if we are unsuccessful or your order is cancelled.
  • All orders are added to cart at the same time. There is no more priority.
  • Orders are limited — If a size is sold out it will be non-selectable. If a customer cancels their order that size will be available for purchase again.
  • Have a question? — Check out our Add to Cart FAQ page for the answer.
  • Edit, cancel or view status of an order? — Simply do an order lookup.
  • When placing an order you are agreeing to our terms of service.

*standard text messaging rates apply.


Service Fee: $20.00
We only charge you when we secure the shoe.
Only a temporary hold is placed on the funds.