Foot Site FAQ

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently only accept Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card payments through Stripe. You can read more about it and the security we use here.

Why aren’t these sneakers I want on the site yet?

We add sneakers for the upcoming week on Monday. So if a shoe is releasing on Friday/Saturday look for it on our site the Monday of that week. If a shoe isn’t announced on Nike we wont put it up until we have confirmation.

I think what your doing is wrong!

Not everyone agrees with what we are doing and we kinda agree on some level that it is messed up. The fact is we are not the only people doing it. We feel that charging for our time and helping out our fellow sneaker-heads secure a pair of sneakers is fair game. You no longer have to pay a reseller an outrageous price (sometimes $100 above the retail price). You no longer need to meet up with a criminal like in this video from Craigslist who might try to rob you. Just check google! its crazy what people will do for sneakers. At the end of the day you don’t have to deal with the drama and headaches that come with trying to secure a highly anticipated sneaker.

Why am I being charged an international transaction fee?

You may in some cases see an extra charge on your card called ‘international transaction fee’, or similar. Some banks and payment cards will add the extra fee on top of the order cost, so the total you see is slightly higher than what the order page will say.

Sometimes the charge will not be clearly labelled, so you would need to contact your bank to confirm why it is being added. Please be assured that is only charging exactly what you see in the Service Fee area.

Why is this fee being charged? is based in Canada for legal reasons, and even though we charge in USD, to a US dollar bank account, some banks and card providers will add an additional charge because our bank is not US based.

It typically appears to be 1-3% of the invoice cost that is added on to the total or charged separately to your card.

Who is getting that money?

The extra fee is going to the bank itself (who may pass it on to the card provider like VISA, for example), and not to We are only getting the exact amount we show on the order page, and we are not able to tell if the additional fee is being taken (otherwise we could note that on the order page).

How can I avoid paying it?

Only a relatively small number of banks seem to make this extra charge, although it does appear to be more common than in previous years. If you have cards with a different bank, or from a different provider, you may find that those card don’t apply an extra cost.

At this time, we don’t have an alternative payment option that would avoid this issue and the fee is non-refundable by or your bank.

My password has capital letters do you need it like that?

YES! We can’t login to your account if we don’t have the proper password! Example if your password is SNEaKERrsVP#84736 you need to give it to us like that it cant be SneakerRSVP#84736 or sneakerrsvp#84736 because capitals matter when you make a password.

We don’t check to make sure your password is right once the release happens we try to login to it and if it doesn’t work your order gets skipped.

The shoe didnt sell out can i get a refund?

Unfortunately once the service is performed we can not issue a refund. It is up to the customer to decide weather the sneaker warrants you purchasing our service. Sometimes if we don’t get enough orders for a shoe we will outright cancel all orders.

Not all sneakers sell out and not all shoes are limited to where you would need to use our service — we post most shoes releasing regardless of hype or availability and you should research the shoe before making the purchase as you would with anything you spend money on. We can not refund you after our service is completed.

Can I change my password after your service?

Please wait until you have the shoes in your hands to change the password of your account. We monitor accounts and shipment information to make sure you get your shoes and to be sure your order was not cancelled. We also may need to login to check if you request a refund.

Changing your password and not letting us login will void any refund due.

Do you charge upfront or when I get the shoe?

We place a hold on your funds. If we fail we release the funds back into your account.

The charge you see on your online statement is just a pending charge/hold on the funds. If we get you the shoes for add to cart we then fully charge and the order is processed by your bank.

Please note it could take 3-5 days for the release to show in your account — most banks take this long to processed the release.


You are not charged. There was a hold placed on your funds which most banks make it look like you were charged. If we don’t secure the shoes for you the funds that we placed a hold on are release back into your account.

Different banks handle pending charges differently and it could can take up to 3-5 business days (Monday to Friday) to fully process by your bank. When your order status says you have been refunded your money has been sent for release, the funds in most cases are immediately returned to you after we failed. Please wait at least 1 week before contacting us about your refund.

Can I change my order information?

Yes, visit the order status link in the confirmation email we sent you. Press the edit button and edit your order information from there.

Is my credit/debit card information secure?

Absolutely! We use 256-bit encryption SSL Certificate to send your information to Stripe. Your information is 100% safe while stripe charges you for payment. When you give us your card details we use and then wipe after the release is over.

Can you buy and ship shoes to me?

No, We do not sell or resell sneakers.

Can I change the size of my order?

If 24 hours before release you can edit your order by vising the order status link in the confirmation email we sent you and clicking the edit button.

What is Footlocker Site Auto Checkout exactly?

Auto Checkout for Footlocker, Champs, Eastbay and Footaction is a service that adds a specific shoe to your cart on the site you pick release day. Once the shoe is in cart our bot automatically tries to complete the checkout for you.

Without our service its unbelievably hard to get a shoe on release day. Due to the increase in demand for shoes it is nearly impossible to get shoes without a service. Tens of thousands of people flood a single link to get shoes every release and its very hard to get a shoe with so much demand.

With our service you give us your login information we then add the shoe to cart for you and try to checkout, we select the shoe, select your size, add the shoe to your cart and checkout for you so you dont have to lift a single finger. No hassle, no camping, no running around its all taken care of. The best part of the whole deal is that if for some reason we we or you dont order the shoe you get your money back. Its a win/win!

How does it work?

You start off by giving us your login information and pick your order site, the email you want to be notified of succes and confirmation, your phone number to be notified by text and the size you would like for us to order.

Once you enter in all your information and click the buy now we place an AUTHORIZATION HOLD on the funds until release morning. If on release morning we fail to checkout or you do not complete the order when we add to cart we release the funds back into your account (banks handle pending releases differently and it could take a few business days).

On release morning you can follow us or view our twitter page so get real time updates of the mornings events.

You visit our twitter page by clicking @SneakerRSVPcom. (You do not need a twitter account for to view our page)

When the shoe launches (usually at 10am EST) we will monitor the servers and you should get a confirmation email from the site you picked and then a confirmation from us.

With our service you have a huge advantage on people that are not using our service. We get you the shoe before them and before the shoe sells out.

I gave you the wrong password! now what?

Please open a support ticket so we can update your order information.

Is the shoe guaranteed to be ordered or just put in my cart?

We make every effort to complete the checkout but when the sites crash its hard for our servers to complete the checkout. We may ask you from time to time to try and checkout yourself. We completely understand the frustration from trying to checkout yourself and we understand if you would rather just let the cart timeout and get a refund — in which case you do need to contact us for a refund.

What is the cost of the service?

The average service fee is more or less $15-$30 depending on the shoe. Shoes that are more hard to obtain and shoes that are more rare will cost more. Although it doesn’t happen often some of the more rare and exclusive shoes could range between $50-$300. As always this fee is refunded if we fail to get you the shoes.

Can I still order while your your ordering?

Yes, BUT YOU MUST USE ANOTHER ACCOUNT + BILLING if your using the same site you gave us. You can also try on another footlocker owned site that way we can try on one site and you can try on another. If you try on the account you gave us you run the risk of getting charged for securing the shoes yourself.

Can I place more than one order?

Yes, your allowed to place 1 order per site. In this case you can place up to 4 orders 1 for footlocker, 1 for champs, 1 for footaction and one of eastbay. If you would like to place multiple orders for a single site please use different login and billing information to prevent your orders from being cancelled by the order site.

Do I need to request a refund if my order failed?

Only if your order was labeled as successful and you didn’t get the shoe. We do checks a few ours after release and if your order was a fail its auto-refunded.

What is FTL and what are foot sites?

FTL is short for footlocker and footsites are basically footlocker owned sites like eastbay, footaction, champssports so we call them footsites.