LAUNCH: Friday, Feb 19, 2015 – 8:00 AM EST
Service Fee: $175.00 (Full refund if we fail)

You are required to login and try to checkout if we add the shoe to your cart. Only about 20-25% of orders placed for YEEZYs ever make it to final checkout/ order confirmation due to site crashes. Adding to cart does not guarantee you will get the shoe. You should note that shoes in cart can disappear at any time and for no reason at all. Do not get your hopes up as you will most likely not get them. The site will crash — consistency in reloading and trying to checkout is KEY to getting to final checkout.

When you place your order = AUTHORIZATION HOLD ON FUNDS
We add to cart = FULLY CHARGED
You don’t/We don’t checkout = FUNDS ARE REFUNDED

After we add to cart your card will be charged the service fee. After the release we will login and check all accounts and will refund orders that were added to cart but didn’t checkout.

You will not be charged if we don’t place the shoes in cart for you.
-Please do not open a ticket or ask us about this on twitter.
-It will take anywhere from 24/48 hours for you to get a refund and email from us.

All orders are final there are no cancellations!

If you are not satisfied with that please don’t place an order.

Thank you

This is our Footlocker RSVP service. This service includes a full checkout with your order. We will handle the entire process including adding to cart and ordering the product for you. In order to use this service you will need to give us the payment information you would like us to use when ordering the product. Once the service is completed your payment information will be removed and deleted.
Triple Check Your Information!!!
If something is wrong with your order it will AUTO-FAIL on release day. You will then blame us because you weren’t successful. Check your information! Check your information, Check your information before you submit! Its not that hard to do and it will save everyone a lot of headaches.

You CAN place multiple orders with the same information just select a different site. You can place up to 4 orders total, 1 for each site. Example Footlocker 1 order, Footaction for order 2 etc.


  • Read this this full section!
  • Verify all your information is correct. You can not change it!
  • Placing an order with us does not guarantee success. No charge if we are unsuccessful.
  • If we are successful you will receive an confirmation email directly from FootLocker/FootAction/Eastbay/Champs on the release day.
  • Make sure to account for tax/shipping when providing your payment info, insufficient funds will cause your order to fail.
  • We will attempt to handle the entire process including checkout. If we are able to add to your cart, you will receive an email. We do encourage you to try to checkout when you get this email. We will still be trying to checkout with you.
  • We will be using the credit card you provide in the fields to the right on release day. The box that pops up after you enter your details and click the blue buy it now button is to pay our service fee.
  • We will use the billing address you provide in the fields to the right. Make sure that information is correct before submitting the order.
  • If using gift cards, make sure to register your billing zip code to the card for online purchases. Your card will get declined if you don’t.


  • Do not use the same name, billing/shipping, payment for multiple orders of the same item. Use gift cards, friends/families cards and ship to their house.

Service Information

  • Purchasing our service does not guarantee checkout. There is no charge if we are unsuccessful or if your order is cancelled. Technical errors, and site changes etc all play roles in determining if we checkout. Please understand we want you to be successful — that’s the only way we get paid.
  • Have a question? — Open a support ticket via the contact us link above.
  • When placing an order you are agreeing to our terms of service.
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First Name: (As appears on the credit card)

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Contact Email:
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Credit Card CVV: (Security code on back)
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[SOLD OUT] Service Fee: $175.00
We only charge you when we secure the product.
Only a temporary hold is placed on the funds.