About SneakerRSVP

SneakerRSVP.com was started on December 7th 2012 at 9:32PM. Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself.

We were the FIRST site to start doing RSVPs for people publicly. I say publicly because we were not the first people doing RSVPs like this. People were doing it since the start of the twitter RSVP. Most were just doing it for each other on NikeTalk.com.

The idea for the service came about when I saw people asking for help for the “Air Jordan 4 Black Cement” release via twitter in November. People would post asking for twitter RSVP help and people that were fast at the twitter RSVP would take their information and send it to Nike for them so they could secure the shoes.

Now at the time most people did the twitter RSVP manually and I figured a bot could automate the process much faster. I asked around about programs/bots that existed but everyone was so secretive about it — So like anyone would do i started built my own and started SneakerRSVP.com

The reason behind SneakerRSVP.com — We just wanted to help out our fellow sneaker-heads like people were doing on NikeTalk. We figured we would charge a small fee — some of our RSVP prices are very low (same as shipping cost) for our time and effort which is very reasonable. You didn’t have to e-camp on twitter and could go on about your day and we would secure your sneakers for you at a fraction of what resellers are charging.

Followers — After a while new copy-cat services started popping up trying to get in on the action. It started to get so bad that eventually Nike had to do something about it. They introduced the image hashtag which meant instead of tweeting the hashtag they put it in an image. This killed most of the copy-cat sites and we were one of the first sites to figure out how to continue our services.

Add to cart Introduction — When we started the service we quickly noticed that not everyone was near a nike store, many of our would be customers would email us asking if there was anyway to do a nike.com release. It took us awhile and by no means were we the first doing it but we got it done and we feel we have perfected it. The wait was worth it cause we pride ourselves on having almost no cancelled orders with a very high success rate.

SneakerRSVP.com is not out to make it harder for people to score an RSVP or add shoes to cart for themselves either. We don’t RSVP sneakers we don’t need or want to buy. We could be jerks and just RSVP every shoe and resell them if we wanted (we hate resellers just as much as you). Think of it like this — If you were to RSVP yourself and you won you would get the sneakers and nobody else would be able to purchase those because you won them. So if we get the sneaker for you its basically the same thing right? You just have a leg up on the competition.

This really isn’t an easy job either! we get 100s of emails everyday and all the work that goes on with maintaining the site, getting the RSVP for you, dealing with customers, some very rude, the coding and updating and everything else is just the tip of what we do. We are truly not here to get rich, this isn’t a career and we do have normal 9-5 jobs.

At the end of the day we all just want the sneakers its become so bad that sometimes the only way to get a pair of sneakers you want is to use a site like ours. We are just filling the void until nike comes up with a better way to release sneakers.

Thanks for reading.